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Water energy

Water energy

Water Energy, as the name itself suggests is using water, which is the most popular renewable source of energy. Water covers nearly 71% of the Surface of the globe thanks to which it can be used for various purposes, including energetics. The proces of generating Energy from water if fairly simple, and its based on tranforming water’s potential energy into kinetic energy. One way of increasing the potential Energy is storing water using floogdates. The stored water is then relased and when falling it spins the turbine of a generator which generates electricity. The most popular way of generating water electricity is using inland water reservoirs, like rivers or lakes. Water Energy can also be created using other resources, like:

  • the energy of the tides occurring as a result of the cyclical movements of the mass of water, resulting from the gravitational interaction of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon;
  • the energy of sea waves generated by the interaction of wind and water, having its source in the solar energy creating the wind;
  • the energy of sea currents caused by the action of the wind, temperature differences, as well as water density or changes in atmospheric pressure;
  • the thermal energy of the seas and oceans as a heat store that is converted from solar radiation;
  • energy of diffusion occurring in the case of a difference in concentration, which results from the degree of salinity of fresh and sea water.
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