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Energy from biomass and biogas

Energy generated during the combustion of biomass and biogas

The process itself uses the energy of the sun and the phenomena of photosynthesis. The natural properties of sunlight, air and soil allow the spontaneous production of biomass. Burning biomass produces heat that can in turn be converted into other clean energy, such as electricity, heat or mechanical energy. The use of biomass as an energy carrier has many advantages - ecological, economic and social.

Biomass is plant and animal matter that is biodegradable. Gaseous, liquid and solid biofuels (pellets and briquettes) are produced from biomass. The most efficient extraction of energy from biomass is done by burning it. The heat generated in this way is used to generate electricity. The Renewable Energy Source, which is biomass, is formed spontaneously and regardless of weather conditions.

In order to generate bioenergy from biomass, various raw materials are used, which are divided according to their origin. We distinguish primary energy raw materials (wood, straw, sludge) and secondary raw materials (biogas, ethanol, waste paper, oil esters). Let's list a few of the biomass sources:

  • wood, which is a waste in the wood industry (wood biomass, forest biomass)
  • straw and hay from cereals, pods and oilseeds such as rapeseed, sunflower or hemp
  • plants from energy crops, i.e. from plantations intended for the production of biomass, for example Jerusalem artichoke, knotweed, millet and other raw materials
  • waste from the pulp and paper industry
  • organic waste in the form of malt, molasses and other raw materials from the brewing and food industries
  • sewage and municipal sludge
  • biogas from landfills or manure
  • liquid biofuels, including vegetable oils, bioethanol and biodiesel

Biomass can also be converted into biogas. It is produced by fermentation of sludge from sewage treatment plants, organic landfill waste and fermentation of manure on farms. Pyrolysis gas is used to drive internal combustion engines or for combustion in gas boilers.

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